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I, Kovy am the owner of OA, as well as Kovstar Productions. I am an advanced website designer and video/film project designer and producer. I enjoy directing and producing short films, YouTube shows, as well as music videos. I started in 2004 with Windows Movie Maker, then to iMovie HD 6, and now to Final Cut Pro and iMovie 11. I started a YouTube channel in 2009 called AppleKTech, where I learnt how to use YouTube and have great videos that incoparate all of YouTubes features and abilities. After about 200+ subscribers, i moved on to ObviouslyAwsome in August of 2010, and I now have 400+ subscibers!

Obviously Awesome (awsome) is copyright Kovstar Productions All rights reserved, any copying is strictly illigal.


On Obviously Awsome, you’ll find technology associated videos, that are geared toward technology products, what they do, how they work and whether they are something worth buying! I also like to help with both Windows and Mac related questions, but i am definitely more advanced with Apple products as Mac is my primary OS.



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Copyright of ObviouslyAwsome strictly belongs to me and Kovstar Productions. All content of this site is copyright reserved.

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